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Scientists Want You To Do These Weird Things For Your Health


People go to extreme lengths to try and stay as healthy as possible. Some starve themselves, and some take supplements that make their breath smell like fish.

Some people give up their favorite foods if it means losing even a single pound, and others spend thousands of dollars to get the perfect look.

In a world where we’re totally afraid of death and growing older, it’s no wonder we go to some extreme measures to ensure we live as happily and healthily as possible. But what if scientists told us it was alright to do some of the things we’ve been told all our lives were wrong?

Here are some crazy things scientists are actually encouraging us to do for our health.

Eat Ice Cream

Eat Ice CreamIce cream is supposed to be sinful, and something you seldom eat. That’s mostly true, but every once in awhile it’s good to eat some ice cream! Though ice cream is full of sugar, it’s a low GI food, which means it releases sugar much slower than other sweets. So you can binge on ice cream every once in a while without feeling too hungry afterwards! Dairy intake has also been linked to lower rates of heart disease.

Get Dirty

Get Dirty

Dirt is something we’re told to avoid. There’s bleach in almost everything now, it seems, and it’s important for everyone to remain clean all the time — or so we are constantly told. But this isn’t always true! Exposure to germs, especially in children, actually helps in building a strong immune system! It’s not recommended to eat a handful of dirt, but not being so finicky about cleanliness won’t kill you.

Feel Stressed

Feel StressedRelaxation is key, and it’s important to indulge in fun activities to reduce stress levels. But a stress-free life isn’t necessarily healthy either. Stress can help build the immune system. When a person is stressed, they release cortisol, which has many benefits to the entire body. Although a little R&R is recommended, it’s also important to not get too stressed about being stressed. It can be good for you!

Wine A Little

Wine A LittleWine can actually be filled with vitamins, specifically those effective in preventing heart disease. Wine can also be filled with antioxidants, and everyone knows those are good for you. But not all wine is healthy. The best place to find wine that has all of these health benefits are places that specialize in making it from scratch.

Drink Caffeine

Drink CaffeineCaffeine is definitely a highly-debated substance. Many people think it’s dangerous, as it increases your heart rate. Many people depend on it to get through their days. And scientists think that’s OK. Caffeine can act as a muscle relaxant and helps retain alertness. The best part is that it can be linked to weight loss. So as long as you’re maintaining a healthy diet, it’s alright to have some joe!

Have Some Chocolate

Have Some ChocolateChocolate (in moderation) can reduce cholesterol and the risk of having a heart attack. And most important, it’s a mood enhancer! Chocolate has been linked to producing longer lasting good moods than other fun things, like kissing! Like most other fatty foods on the list, too much chocolate can be a bad thing, but it’s not something to completely avoid either.

Toke Up

Toke UpMarijuana is finally being legalized in many states, and is being extensively researched for its beneficial properties. There’s still a stigma around Mary Jane because it’s considered by some people to be a gateway drug. However, science is still leaning strongly towards marijuana as a good thing! Cannabis is linked to improving hundreds of medical issues, most commonly depression and arthritis. It’s also a natural pain reliever. So go ahead and light up every once in awhile, science said to!

Crack Open A Brew

Crack Open A BrewLike with wine, many vitamins can be found in beer that are beneficial to our health. Excessive drinking is never healthy, but regular consumption of beer has many benefits. It has been linked to lowering the risk of having a stroke, and diseases linked with the brain. Seems strange that the same thing that can mess with your head so much can also help it!

Use Some Nicotine

Use Some NicotineSmoking is a deadly habit and has taken the lives of many people. But it’s not necessarily the nicotine that causes the illness, rather, it is the chemicals in the cigarettes. Smoking is linked to having benefits for mental diseases as well as reduction of asthma side effects, ironically. Scientists aren’t necessarily suggesting you buy a pack of smokes, but indulging in a cigarette every now and then isn’t something you should be losing sleep over.

Watch Adult Films

Watch Adult FilmsAdult entertainment is supposed to be shameful and something we should watch in secret. It’s not something widely talked about and is taboo to bring up. But watching it can actually be helpful! Viewing adult films is linked to having a better time when you’re getting down, and having a better understanding of the act overall. If scientists dissected what each genre of film meant for our health, that would probably produce very different results, though. Be careful what you watch, but science says it’s OK to peek at some every so often.

Play Video Games

Play Video GamesMoms everywhere are screaming about this, but scientists are actually saying it’s good for us to play video games. It’s probably not healthy to murder fictional characters all day, but it is good to play certain video games. They can improve hand eye coordination as well as stimulate our brains more. This leads to better planning skills and strategic thinking. Just like with adult films, be picky about what you’re playing, but it’s still good to play games every once in awhile!

Send A Text Instead

Send A Text InsteadIn our day and age, these darn kids with their cell phones are just texting away too much. Doesn’t anyone pick up the phone anymore? This type of thinking isn’t scientifically correct anymore. Studies show that those who text, especially parents, have improved relationships. It’s easier to stay in touch without being intrusive, and allows for a casual and open relationship among friends and family who don’t get to see each other in person as often.

Go To Work

Go To WorkEveryone seems to work too much these days, and many still believe that mothers shouldn’t be working. But having a steady job can lead to more productivity and responsibility. And it’s easy to figure out that if you’re organized and productive, you’ll lead a happier, healthier life. It’s important to listen to your body, and never work past your limit, but don’t fear going to your job so much!

Sit In The Sun

Sit In The SunThese days, we live a life in fear of the sun. We slather our bodies in creams as a sun shield and stay inside on days that are too hot. Scientists don’t think the sun is all that bad, however! When we expose our bodies to sun, our vitamin D increases, which is an important nutrient that can possibly prevent cancers. Sunlight should still be taken in moderation, but it’s important to not be a vampire who hides from the sun.

Sip Some Soda

Sip Some SodaSoda can be so harmful that some people are even trying to outlaw Mountain Dew! Soda definitely isn’t like a nutritional drink that scientists recommend, but if you do indulge, they prefer for you to drink sugary sodas and avoid diet versions. When we drink diet sodas, we get a false sense that it’s somehow good for us, which causes us to make other poor diet decisions. At least when we drink regular soda, we know that it’s bad for us — leading us to be more conscious of what we consume later.

Sweat It Out

Sweat It OutIt seems like we do everything possible to pretend like we don’t sweat. We lather up with deodorant, wear special clothes to let us “breathe,” and blast artificial cool air to lower our body temperature. But we’re only driving away something that’s actually good for us! Sweat is important in regulating our body temperatures, as well as releasing toxins.

Turn Up Your Headphones

Turn Up Your HeadphonesEveryone’s always told us to keep our headphones low, and most of us would agree when it comes to the people we have to take public transportation with. But those who listen to music loudly are actually practicing a healthy behavior. Studies show that louder music volume is linked with happier people! However, doctors still warn that it can cause permanent ear damage.

Drop Some Acid

Drop Some AcidEveryone’s probably seen a wild video of what it’s like to take LSD. However, it’s not always like those videos make it out to be. Some scientists suggest actually taking LSD at least once in your life. People who take acid have been shown to have the ability to express suppressed thoughts easier, and even the ability to accept death!


Let Your Gas Out

Let Your Gas OutGas is a natural part of the body, and isn’t something we should be so afraid of! Gas is part of the digestive system, and it’s your body’s job to expel all the excess gas. Some speculate that you should even like the smell of your own farts, as it’s a sign from your body that something major is wrong if you don’t! To avoid causing internal damage, it’s important to let loose every once in awhile!

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